Best Waterproof Phones in India January 2018


Best Waterproof Phones in India January 2018 | Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal

Today we gonna discuss upcoming Waterproof Phones in India 2018. Do you like dancing in the rain? It’s the best thing you can do during the rainy season. Feeling the raindrops falling on our head is the best experience you can have. It just refreshes your mind and soul. However, this experience may turn into a disaster if your phone is not waterproof. The rainwater may damage your phone’s battery or speakers. It may malfunction and stop working. This is not the case with rainfall alone. Sometimes, you may put your clothes in a bucket for washing and later realize that your phone is left in the pockets of your trousers. Not to mention the incidents in which you may accidentally drop your phone in your toilet commode (happened with many of us already).

Best Waterproof Phones 2018 in India

The intention of this article is not to scare you but to make you aware of the fact that having a smartphone that’s water resistant is the necessity that you can’t ignore.

Where Can You Find A Waterproof Smartphone in India?

Many manufacturers claim that their smartphones are waterproof. Notable smartphone company Samsung has been claiming since the beginning that their smartphones are waterproof. Even they recently launched a new waterproof smartphone called Samsung Galaxy S7. However, in reality, most of the smartphones are not waterproof. They will malfunction in no time when they’re exposed to water. Sadly, this also includes the smartphones from notable manufacturers. So, who can you trust? After all purchasing a smartphone isn’t a small investment. Some people even sacrifice their whole month salary to purchase a new phone. We are common people like you who face same problems every day and can feel & understand your pain. That’s why decided to help you the best way we can and prepare a list of best waterproof smartphones in affordable price range.

List of Best Waterproof Smartphones in India 2018

S.No.SmartphonePriceBuying Link
1Apple iPhone 7 Plus73999.00Buy Now
2Apple iPhone 862999.00Buy Now
3Apple iPhone 8 Plus84999.00Buy Now
4Samsung Galaxy Note 867900.00Buy Now
5Samsung Galaxy S853900.00Buy Now
6Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus58900.00Buy Now

List of Best Waterproof Smartphones in India 2018

We decided to help you the best way we can and prepare a list of best waterproof smartphones in an affordable price range.
You will be able to find which waterproof smartphone to buy in your budget
You no longer have to check websites
No one will be able to cheat you by selling a fake smartphone
You can save a lot of money by being aware of the actual price

Buy Waterproof Mobile Phones Online on Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal

So, what are you waiting for? Go through the list of smartphones that we’re going to mention them all in this post. Read this post so that you can no longer be confused which smartphone is waterproof and which isn’t. It will also help you decide which smartphone suits your budget and style. So, stop whatever you’re doing and read the post.

Oppo Waterproof Phones 2018 in India

Oppo Electronics Corp. primarily known as “Oppo” is a Chinese Electronics Manufacturer making Smartphones, Blu-ray-Players, and other electronics devices. Founded in 2001 and Registered in 2004, Oppo Brand name is now registered in many parts of the world. Oppo has released various Mobile Phone models globally which are being appreciated by customers due to their high-quality functionality and Camera quality. All Oppo Phones comes with a unique aura that attracts customers plus it’s widescreen and above than average camera quality are main focus points of Cell Phone. If we talk about Oppo waterproof Mobile Phones Oppo has not launched any waterproof Smartphones, yes but soon we can see Oppo waterproof Mobile Phones in India. Still, we are sharing the list of Oppo top-selling smartphones here you can choose and can be bought online at Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal

Share Your Experience With Waterproof Mobile Phones

Don’t forget to mention in comments which waterproof smartphone you admired the most from the list. Also, if want any smartphone to be included in the list, feel free to tell us. We’ll be happy to hear from you:

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