IPL Fantasy League 2018, Tips, Point System and Prizes


IPL Fantasy League 2018

Vivo IPL Fantasy League 2018 is a trending online game where you can enjoy real cricket. This is team management game where you can make your 11 player IPL team. IPL Fantasy League 2018 is an online game where you create your account and after that, you can make your IPL Fantasy League team where you can select your real player. Everybody has their own judgment who should be playing in a team. IPL Fantasy League 2018 is a point-based game or generally, there are certain rules that you should follow while creating your team. Begin by making your team of 11 players for a Match. Victors for each match win Exiting Prizes. In IPL Fantasy League 2018 Points are awarded after the end of the match and it will be based on the performance of your team players in the real match. Winners for every single match can win the prizes and Winners of the league are decided based on who’s team acquired the most number of points.

IPL Fantasy League 2018 Tips

Matches are individual events where you can select best playing 11 based on your knowledge and skills. All selected players’ points get added to your final score.

IPL Fantasy League Budget Tips

Budget is an important factor in IPL Fantasy League game. Here is some Vivo IPL Fantasy League 2018 Budget Tips to select a player. Make your 11 player team in your budget amount. Your budget for the event will be 10,000,000 credits initially. Each player in event give you points so based on your knowledge and skills select your players. And your total budget remains under the 10,000,000.

IPL Fantasy League Team Formation Tips

Team formation can make you the hero in Vivo IPL 2018 fantasy league game so choose your players carefully. Here is some Vivo IPL Fantasy League 2018 tips to create a team.No doubt you will add your favorite players in your team.But your points will depend on your performing players so keep this in mind if you want to win in this game add only performing players. Most interesting part of team formation is some more restriction.
In your team of 11, you can have

Minimum 4 Batsmen

  • 1 Wicket Keeper
  • At least 1 All-rounder
  • At least 2 Bowlers

Total no of Bowlers plus All-Rounders should be at least 5

And you select the captain for your team. If your captain performs well in the match then your score will be count double in that match. Vivo IPL Fantasy League 2018 give you 75 chances to change your players.

IPL Fantasy League 2018 Point System

  • 1 point per run
  • Runs Scored – Balls faced
  • 10 points for every 25 runs scored
  • 10 points for every 25 runs scored
  • IPL Fantasy League 2018 BOWLING POINT
  • 15 points for a maiden over
  • Balls Bowled x 2 – Runs Given and 1 Point per each Dot ball
  • 25 points for every Wicket
  • Bonus 25 Points for 3 or more wicket 50 Points for 5 or more wicket 100 Points for 7 or more wicket

Vivo IPL Fantasy League 2018 FIELDING POINTS

  • 15 points for each catch
  • 10 points for Stumping or Run Out

IPL Fantasy League 2018 BONUS POINTS

  • 50 points for the Man of the Match

Vivo IPL Fantasy League 2018 Prizes

Overall Winner – Cricket Bat signed by IPL 2018 winners + Autographed Jersey- IPL 2018 winners
Top 10 – Autographed Jersey of IPL 2018 winners

Vivo IPL Fantasy League 2018 Championship

Chairperson of the Top League – Cricket bat signed by players of IPL 2018 winners
Top 10 Members of the Top League – Autographed Jersey of their favorite Team
Toppers of the Fan leagues – Toss Coin + Cricket Bat + Autographed Jersey

IPL Daily Championship 2018

Winner of the day gets Autographed Jersey

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