Upcoming 5G Smartphones 2018 in India


Upcoming 5G Smartphones 2018 in India

Most of you might be aware of 3G, 4G and Upcoming 5G Smartphones in India 2018. Yes, I am talking about the same mobile network technologies you use for high-speed Internet. These days most of the smartphones use them for Internet usage – allowing you to easily access things on the web. However, what if I say that there is an Internet technology that’s much faster and better than 3G and 4G. Now, most of you might be thinking: “What? Faster than 4G? Are you kidding? Don’t you remember what Airtel 4G girl says in the ad? The fastest mobile network in the world. Now, you’re blabbering anything.”

However, before you start thinking further. I want you to stop and focus on what I am saying. Yes, there is a mobile network technology that’s 100 times faster than 4G. I am talking about 5G, the next generation of mobile network technology. In this post, we will talk about 5G network, its specifications, and upcoming 5G smartphones 2018. Let’s have a look:

What is 5G Technology?

5G is the next generation of the internet technology – that will offer better Internet speed and web surfing experience.

What’s So Special in 5G?

40% faster than 4G
10Gbps upload and 10Gbps upload speed
Coverage has been improved

How Longer Will It Take to Implement 5G?

The implementation of 5G technology has already started taking place in some countries and many smartphone manufacturers have already started manufacturing 5G smartphones. We can hope that the smartphone technology will be implemented soon.
5g Smartphones in India

Top 10 Upcoming 5G Smartphones in India 2018 Buy 5g Mobile on Amazon

Here are the 5G smartphones that are arriving on the market soon:

5G Smartphones – ZTE Gigabit Phone

In February, Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE announced a high-end smartphone in India. During its launch, it also claimed that the smartphone will offer high speed while browsing, i.e. 1Gbps. However, how’s this possible? According to reports, the smartphone will run on a unique technology that will make it 10 times faster than 4G and if we’re correct – all these reports imply that this technology can be 5G. So, we can expect a 5G smartphone from ZTE very soon.

5G Smartphones – Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

The latest iteration of Xiaomi Mi will release later this year. According to reports, it has high-end specifications like a massive display screen (6.4-inch IPS LCD) and a powerful processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with 235GHz clock speed). Apart from this, it also expected to come with 5G technology.

5G Smartphones – Le Max 2 Pro Extreme

It appears like Chinese smartphone manufacturers are taking 5G technology seriously. There are rumors that Le Eco may release a 5G smartphone this year and this rumored smartphone is none other than Le Max 2 Pro Extreme. This is expected to be a high-end smartphone with jaw-dropping specifications. Let’s hope it will arrive in the market very soon.

What is 5G? Will it Change the World?

5G Smartphones – Sony Xperia C6

Sony also has plans to launch a new Xperia smartphone in the market and from the reports circling around the web the smartphone appears to have high-end specifications. There are also rumors that the new smartphone will feature 5G technology.

5G Smartphones – Nokia 9

Tech giant, Nokia is back in the market – and this time with a new vision and a bunch of high-end smartphones. Nokia 9 is going to be the next edition in the list of these. If reports are to be believed, Nokia 8 can be the first Nokia smartphone to come with 5G technology. Well, if that happens – Nokia’s reputation and the power-packed specification of the smartphone will create wonders. For now, let’s wait for the launch.

Upcoming 5G Smartphones in India 2018 – Microsoft Surface Phone

After the completion of its contract with Nokia – Microsoft has vanished from the smartphone market for a while. However, don’t assume that they have closed their smartphone project – they’re coming with Microsoft surface phone that will completely reform the way you look at Windows smartphones. This will be the kind of phone you’ll want in your pockets. Moreover, it will be the first Windows smartphone to come packed with 5G technology.

Upcoming 5G Mobiles List 2018-2019 (Expected)

Mobile ModelPrice (Expected)Buying Link (When Available)
ZTE Gigabite21999.00Buy Now
Xiaomi Mi Mix 338999.00Buy Now
Xiaomi Mi 727,000.00Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy S963,990.00Buy Now
Microsoft Surface Phone43,990.00Buy Now
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Upcoming 5G Smartphones in India 2018 – Xiaomi Mi6

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 isn’t the only smartphone from Xiaomi that’s expected to have 5G technology. We also have another contender, i.e. Xiaomi Mi6. This will also be a high-end smartphone with a premium design and powerful specifications. According to reports, it will also have the 5G technology.

Upcoming 5G Smartphones in India 2018 – Upcoming Samsung Smartphones 5g Mobile on Flipkart

We all were expecting that Samsung Galaxy S8 will be a 5G smartphone. However, our hopes were shattered when Samsung released the smartphone in the market and we came to know that it’s not 5G. Now, our hopes are pinned on the other smartphones the tech giant is going to release this year. Let’s hope that they will be 5G enabled.

Upcoming 5G Smartphones in India 2018 – Upcoming Motorola Smartphones

When it comes to any updating in the smartphone technology – Motorola is the company you can always trust on. So, we’re just hoping that the smartphone manufacturer will release a 5G phone in the market very soon. That’s all we have on our list of upcoming 5G smartphones in India 2017. We hope that we didn’t miss anything? In case you believe that we did – please let us know in comments. Your views will be encourged.

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