Phones with Eye (iris) Scanner in India 2018


Mobile Phones with Eye Scanner in India

To beef up the security factor, many smartphone companies had introduced smartphones with a fingerprint scanner. Big vendors like Apple, Samsung, HTC have packed their smartphones with the fingerprint sensor as a security measure and they are all selling like hot cakes. What’s trending nowadays is a Phones with Eye Scanner in India. Iris scanner- a step ahead of the fingerprint scanner technology. For those who love to keep things private in their smartphones, here comes a new more powerful authentication technology.

First Company To Introduce A Phones with Eye Scanner in India

Fujitsu became the first company to introduce a whole new realm of biometric iris recognition sensor technology. Also, there are strong rumors saying that Samsung and LG are preparing to equip their upcoming devices with biometric Eye scanner technology.

Phones with Eye Scanner in India:

The iris pattern doesn’t change after the age of 2 years generally, therefore, it can be chosen just like fingerprint pattern to identify a person. The eye-scanning method is much secure than the fingerprint scanning in terms of encryption and on the other hand, it’s fairly convenient.
Mobile Phone With Eye Scanning Sensor in General

Available Mobile Phones With Eye Scanning Technology:

  • Microsoft 950 XL
  • Fujitsu-Arrows-NX-F-04G
  • Vivo X5Pro
  • Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3
  • UMI Iron
  • TCL 560

How Does An Eye (Iris) Scanner work?

So how does an Eye (Iris) scanner work? The Irises and their colors are complex and unique- even identical twins have different irises. The Iris scanner emits an infrared lite on to the eye and identifies at least 240 iris features which work out five times the features detected by the fingerprint scanners. The Unique Iris features get converted into an IrisCode (which is usually a 512 digit number). Once your iris info is recorded, the identification becomes possible, this happens when the scanner takes an image of your eyes and matches it against stored IrisCodes. This process of taking an image of the eye and matching it against the stored IrisCode is repeated every single time of the authentication.

Disadvantages of Eye scanning, (Iris) Scanner:

  • Invasive
  • Requires a lot of memory for the data to be stored.
  • Very expensive.

Advantages of Eye scanning, (Iris) Scanner:

  • It provides very high accuracy.
  • The verification time is generally as less as 5 seconds.
  • The eye from a dead person would deteriorate too fast to be useful, therefore no extra precautions have to be
  • taken eye scans to be sure that the user is a living human being.

Phones with Eye Scanner in India, Eye Sensor Mobile Phone Price in India Online

To set it up, you have to scan the colored part of the eye with the infra-red camera, holding it almost arm’s length away from your face. In practice, the scanner only needs to match one eye to unlock the phone. Once you set it up, it takes fractions of a second to unlock your phone. Users with prescription spectacles and contact lenses are also able to use the technology but only as long as their lenses are clear and free of tinting, and they remove them for the initial scan. Iris scans are the best-performing biometric scans that can be done in real time

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