Mobile World Congress 2019 or MWC 2019 Mobile Phones


Mobile world congress or MWC is one of the popular exhibition or a trade show for the mobile phone developers. It is necessary to keep a watch because it helps people to know the upcoming phones in the market. The Mobile world congress is conducted in different places, and the Mobile World Congress 2019, Spain.

What is Mobile World Congress?

Mobile world congress invited every gadget manufacturers across the world to demonstrate their new product line-up for the year. The trade show helps people to invest in the right device based on the requirement in an effective way. The Mobile World Congress 2019 will be held 25-28 February 2019 in Barcelona, and the show involves releasing new phones, tabs for four days continuously.

Why Watch Mobile World Congress 2019 for Mobile Phones?

Mobile World Congress 2019 will be held 25-28 February 2019 in Barcelona. Get Involved at Mobile World Congress 2019. More information on Mobile World Congress 2019 is Not available right now. MWC is the biggest mobile phone trade fair because brands would be releasing their upcoming products. People will have an option to watch out the mobile world congress 2019 live in various sites easily. It is important for mobile phone fans to visit the trade show because it helps them to explore new features, phones, and technologies in an easy way. its expected that next year Mobile World Congress will feature the first 5G phones, hotspots, and a wealth of other 5G devices to go with early 5G networks.

Here’s What You Missed at MWC 2018

Phones To Expect in MWC 2019

MWC 2019 – Asus Mobile

Asus is a reputed smartphone maker, who is all set to re-release their new version of ZenPhone 5 with extended and performance oriented features to attract more users in the market. The phone comes with a massive 5.7-inch screen, which provides an excellent experience while watching video files. The dual rear camera of the phone has impressed a lot of people in the trade fair because it helps people to capture different kinds of images without compromising on the brightness or the background color in an effective way.

MWC 2019 – Doogee

Doogee is a Chinese manufacturer, who is introducing new features of the phone in the trade fair. The Doogee fingerprint sensor of the phone has said to provide excellent experience compared to other phones in the market. The display fingerprint sensor provides extra space for the user while not using fingerprint access on a regular basis. The doogee is said to have faster and efficient access to fingerprint technology compared to any other phones.

MWC 2019 – Huawei

Huawei is the best brand, which can make competitor with Samsung in mobile world congress 2019 because of their features. The trade show gives a massive amount of smartphones and other gadgets to see for three days continuously. Huawei is the no.3 Smartphone maker, who have introduced flagship P20 phone in the event with a lot of hype. It is important for people to check out the products released from Huawei because most of their introductions attract people in different ways on a regular basis.


MWC2019 will attract manufacturers from different parts of the world because it easily offers new and trendy phones. The trade show helps people to understand the future technology because it gives a fair idea of the upcoming products. The Mobile word congress helps people to buy the right gadgets at discounted prices in an easy way.

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