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(Posted on: Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 11:41:45 PM)

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Apple iPhone 8 Flipkart is new news in the town; now with the coming of 2017, the expectations are on higher end from the elite phone brand Apple. There are couple more months to go after which we could get any official confirmation from the company regarding the Apple iPhone 8 Flipkart. As far as rumors are to be believed, the company has already started manufacturing 100 million iPhones in order to meet the target of 250 million in the financial year 2017-18. Rumors lead to more searches, same is the scenario in India where searches for Apple iPhone 8 Flipkart, Apple iPhone 8 Snapdeal and Apple iPhone 8 Amazon are growing exponentially this shows the eagerness for the upcoming Apple product among masses. Apple iPhone 8 image is all over the internet, speculations are higher that the phone is going to be a sensation and Apple iPhone 8 price in India is still a suspense for all Apple fans, but they should get ready to pay the high price for this elegant phone.

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Apple iPhone 8 Leaked Specifications Buy on FlipkartBuy on Amazon

Considering the leaked information from leading blogs, Apple iPhone 8 Snapdeal is expected to inculcate the features of previous iPhones moreover Apple is reportedly including the 5.8-inch AMOLED screen in iPhone 8 Flipkart. This AMOLED display is not expected to be curved and the physical home button will be integrated into the display. Now the question arises about the RAM; Apple iPhone 8 Amazon features a 3GB RAM similar to that of Apple iPhone 7.

Other two Apple iPhone 8 Snapdeal options are rumored; 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch LCD specifications. The 4.7-inch model is expected to have 2GB of RAM and the 5.5-inch variant is expected to case 3GB RAM, with internal storage in both the cases as 256GB.

One more technology that Apple iPhone 8 Flipkart is said to a case is the 3D laser scanner for facial recognition purpose, which is likely to replace the touch ID technology. Nothing much has been revealed about the camera and hardware, but we can expect the new operating system iOS 11 in Apple iPhone 8 Amazon.

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Apple iPhone 8 Flipkart is expected to rock the market from September 2017 along with new version of operating system iOS 11. It would be interesting to see the price range offered by the company. Apple iPhone 8 Flipkart price, Apple iPhone 8 Snapdeal price and Apple iPhone 8 Amazon price is much awaited and would be around INR 80,000/- which is surely not a budget phone. Apple iPhone 8 price in India is an issue of great chit chat among the phone geeks and the elite users. All the Apple fans out there get ready to experience the new features of amazing Apple iPhone 8 Amazon.

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As soon as the Apple iPhone 8 Flipkart is brought up in the market, it will be put on sale on various e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal. Let’s hope for the best price and more competition among these business giants so that we may get some great offers and Apple iPhone 8 price in India is kept in hand of the customers.

iPhone 8 Price Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal

iPhone 8 Price Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal iPhone 8 Specifications
USA - $1200 - 1500 iOS 11
India - Rs.70,000 - 80,000 RAM: 2 Gigabytes
UK - £900 - 1100 13MP Primary Camera
Europe - €1000 - 1300 3D Laser Scanner

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