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Mobile Phones Brands Gearing Up in the Rat-Race

With numerous mobile phones brands in India, smartphones have caught the Indian market by storm. To keep pace with the fast internet connection demand, there has been a steady growth in the demand for smartphones too, especially all android mobiles with prices fitting the customer's budget.

The grand entry of the Reliance Jio makes it the 2nd largest LTE smartphone supplier in terms of the devices shipped after the market leader Samsung. As per the sales is concerned, Micromax stood strong in the second spot in spite of the tough competition from all mobile brands like Lenovo, LAVA, INTEX, and others. In this rat-race, Redmi faced a stiff fight from the Chinese monster like LeEco.

A study reveals that there will be more than 314 million mobile users in the coming 1-2 years. With such high competition on the roll, our all phones brands segment highlights the top and the major brands to look out for with their positives and negatives.

We have a team of experienced professionals who do an in-depth market study of all mobile brands and all android mobiles with prices, features, specifications, and most attractive deals available on them. After a thorough analysis of the mobile phones brands in India, some of the most noted brands to look forward to are:

  • Micromax: It offers all category phones from premium to budget. All phones brands have its own unique features and specs. Micromax is a reliable brand offering low priced Smartphones. Although the design is poor with bloat ware in software, Micromax brand gives you all android mobiles with prices that are completely economical and mid-range performance.
  • Asus: Mobile phones brands in India like Asus is still at a speculative stage where it is difficult to predict the future of this brand. Asus made its first ever phone with 4GB RAM. It prefers Intel processors for the mobiles. For gaming, Asus is an ideal phone and gives a complete value for money. It is also reasonably priced but, the plastic body and not so good cameras are the major drawback.
  • Xiaomi: Among all mobile brands, MI has seen a meteoric growth. The mobile phones produced by this Chinese company are a complete value for your money. With reasonable prices, great storage capacity, hi-end camera specs, and superb chip set, Redmi smartphones are an amazing buy. Although, the interface is not at all creative with low build quality.
  • HTC: It offers classy phones that will surely live up to your expectations. This Taiwanese brand smartphones come up with great quality build, simple user interface, and amazingly stylish looks. All phones brands has some or the other drawback and HTC is also not an exception. The low budget phones from HTC brand performs poorly and the HTC customer care service in India is very poor making it the major hitch.
  • Samsung: The Korean brand is definitely the price crowd puller when it comes to the smartphone with a majority of 31 per cent market share in India. With great specifications, features, and durability, Samsung is indeed at the number one spot ruling the Indian market. You can get great features at every price range, although, the plastic built of the phone are often criticized.

Apple, Motorola, OnePlus, Sony, LG also make it to the top 10 brands list in India with some positive and some negative features. offers you a simple interface to make your search easy and trouble free. You can check out the latest mobile brands available in all phones brands segment to ensure you make the right choice while deciding on your smartphone purchase.

All Mobile Brands List in India 2017

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Lenovo
  • Micromax
  • HTC
  • Xiaomi
  • Vivo