6G Mobile Phones in India: 5G But Something More Advanced

Who doesn’t love to have a branded smartphone with high-speed internet?


6G Mobile Phones in India 2018-2019

6G mobile phones future of mobile technology. It just makes the life smarter. The world appears to be on hand and there comes a feeling that we can conquer the world. Nothing seems impossible, be it watching movies in HD, playing high-octane games, or surfing useful info, you can do just about everything with just a single tap. Seriously, having a high-tech mobile phone is the best feeling ever. Perhaps that’s the reason, companies are producing phones that are top-notch and offer jaw-dropping specifications. The advancement is also taking place in terms of internet technology. A few years back, 3G smartphones were popular. They guaranteed fast browsing and voice over calling options.

6G Mobile Phones in India: 5G But Something More Advanced

However, later on, the trend got replaced by 4G, which is 100 times faster, so fast that you can download a movie in 90 seconds. Nowadays, if you look around yourself, everyone seems to have a 4G smartphone.

Upcoming 5G/6G Mobiles List 2018-2019 (Expected)

Mobile ModelPrice (Expected)Buying Link (When Available)
ZTE Gigabyte21999.00Buy Now
Xiaomi Mi Mix 338999.00Buy Now
Xiaomi Mi 727,000.00Buy Now
Samsung Galaxy S963,990.00Buy Now
Microsoft Surface Phone43,990.00Buy Now
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6G Mobile Networks

But now it’s time for something more advanced. No, not 5G but something more advanced. We’re talking about 6G mobile phones. They will guarantee more speed and seamless media streaming. From now on, it will not take 90 seconds to download a movie but it will be downloaded within just a blink of an eye. Your video calls will no longer be interrupted and you’ll no longer have to experience buffering during media streaming.

Where to find 6G Mobile Phones in India?

Finding 6G smartphones isn’t that difficult. Do a little search on Google and you’ll find a plenty of them online. However, are all of them genuine? What if someone sells cons you? There are plenty of things that you need to take care of.
On the other hand, it’s not easy to visit each site and check specifications of each smartphone. It’s so hectic and time-consuming. So, what to do?

6G Mobile Networks Mobile Phones 2018

That’s why we decided to make the task simple for you. After thorough research, we picked up some of the best 6G smartphones available online and collaborated them into a list. We’ll mention them all in this post. So, stop whatever you’re doing and give this article a quick read. Who knows you find the smartphone that suits your class, taste, and budget. Let’s begin:
So, which 6G smartphone is your favorite? Please let us know in comments. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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